Welcome to the creative portfolio of Graeme Jack, a professional Art Director living in Vancouver, BC.

Graeme was born and raised in North Vancouver and liked it, so he stayed. Plus, he was a baby and didn’t have much of a choice. Once he grew up, he dabbled in all things creative, and switched creative paths from teaching piano into the hectic life of advertising. There he has worked rigorously, twinkling away on the keys and creating memorable and eye-catching ad campaigns for over a decade.

Graeme has put his mark on creative advertising for a wide range of companies including: ICBC, White Spot, GoldSeal, SunRype, Tourism Kelowna, Encorp Pacific (Return-It Bottle Depots), London Drugs, Port Metro Vancouver and Granville Island Brewing to name a few.

In the decade + of advertising, Graeme has art directed over 50 food shoots, worked with celebrity chefs, art directed car crashes, illustrated video games, created memorable stunts, animated shorts, talked to trees that talked back and even shook the hands of a few grumpy puppets. After a decade of inventing, thousands of doodles, creating distinct brand identities, art directing several TV commercials and creating fun characters and mascots, this has naturally lead to a great interest in becoming a Director, too.

In 2013 Graeme directed his first comical animated short and in 2015 directed his first TV Commercial which included puppets, an animated chipmunk and that neighbourly talking tree. Since that, he directed two spots for London Drugs that included one bad hair day, one awful cold and a handful of very helpful hands. He is incredibly grateful for the people that have supported him and given him the opportunities to succeed.

As well as being an award-winning Art Director, Graeme is a passionate gardener, a huge hockey fan, and an avid inventor who loves sharing his ideas and inventions with everyone.

Please feel free to contact Graeme if you have any questions, or check out his linkedin profile to view his bio. If you want to see a sample of some logos click here or if you want to see more creations, visit my complete portfolio on behance.